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What does the Accelerator do for a firm?

The Accelerator provides strategic planning, financial analysis, capital introductions, and access to potential procurement opportunities. Along with education and networking opportunities, accepted companies may benefit from outsourcing back-office functions needed to manage essential parts of the business operation, allowing the owner to focus more on growing their business than being “in their business.” And the best part…these services are free.

Can businesses outside of the region be accepted into the Accelerator?

Businesses that are outside the region can partner, acquire or expand into the Nevada region and be reviewed for acceptance into the Accelerator.

Is there an age requirement?

There is no age restriction, but all owners must be legally able to execute and have leadership of their business.

What regions are our Accelerator Firms found?

The Accelerator region coverage is the State of Nevada.

What is the criteria for acceptance into the Accelerator?

All firms that have achieved over $100,000 in revenue and have a Nevada State business license in good standing will be considered for the Accelerator.  Businesses that may not have yet achieved at least $100,000 in revenue may still be eligible to receive guided assistance and be placed on a path to receive enhanced Accelerator consideration. All businesses looking to grow and scale are encouraged to apply.

What is expected of an accepted Accelerator firm?

All firms must be willing to share financials, strategy and key company data to most effectively assist the Accelerator in assessing and addressing the needs of the business. Also, firms must be willing to be advised and responsive to growth opportunities for acceleration.

What businesses are excluded from consideration?

The Accelerator is not accepting ineligible industries stated by the Small Business Administration. If you are unsure of whether your firm qualifies, feel free to contact the Accelerator directly.

What are the criteria the Accelerator will review?

The Accelerator will support the following:

Early Stage companies, Growth companies and companies expanding through mergers and acquisitions.


Early-Stage Growth: Emerging and scalable firms that require either capacity building, investment capital (equity or debt), and/or access to additional networks for procurement opportunities. 


Growth Companies: Existing firms of size (generally a minimum of $100,000 in annual revenues with a strong management team and operating history) requiring growth equity capital for any of a number of strategic investments to propel the business to the next level of growth to include, but not limited to investing in new systems or technology platforms, pivoting to a related or complementary product line or industry, expanding critical talent and human resources.


Mergers & Acquisitions: Business acquisitions consisting of mainstream businesses with no identified business succession plan being acquired by highly vetted and credible entrepreneurs where growth opportunities exist.

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