Hiring Employees

Workers Compensation: If you decide to hire employees you will also be required to obtain Workers Compensation Insurance, contact your business insurance agent for further details or contact the Division of Industrial Relations at www.dirweb.state.nv.us/. Along with Workers Compensation Insurance you will need to consider other insurance needs. If you plan to use your personal vehicle to operate your business you will need business insurance on your vehicle. I would recommend contacting an insurance broker for the requirements for your type of business.

Unemployment Insurance: You will need to pay unemployment insurance through the Nevada State Employment Security Division at (702) 486-0250 or online at http: detr.state.nv.us.

Labor Laws: You will be need to be in compliance with local state labor laws, for more information visit the Office of the Labor Commissioner at www.laborcommissioner.com or at (702) 486-2650.

Incentives for Employers: Silver State Works through Nevada JobConnect. Employers can get up to $2,000.00 per employee in incentive reimbursements or training allowances for new hires. For more 10 information visit www.silverstateworks.com or at (702) 486-0129 in Southern Nevada or (775) 284-9660 in Northern Nevada, or email at silverstateworks@nvdetr.org