The Food & Beverage Playbook

The hospitality industry itself is a living, breathing, changing entity, with an energy and heart and soul unlike any other. But you know that, otherwise, you wouldn’t have dedicated so much to this craft that you so love. With that in mind, we set out to create a tool kit that could be referenced for a myriad of situations you may come across, especially in the current restaurant and bar climate.

From adapting and pivoting to bring in additional revenue streams, to tips on menu engineering to how to communicate effectively with your customer as well as your fellow community of restaurateurs, this guide is set-up to explain a bit about the current state of the industry, highlight a specific example per chapter through a case study, then provide links to additional resources should you want to explore more.

Each chapter is designed to stand on its own, complete with specific calls to action listed under each topic and supporting subtopic. However, with natural subject matter overlap, the entire document is hyperlinked throughout to bring the reader to corresponding parts within the document that may provide additional details and suggestions.

We do hope you find this toolkit helpful!